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The Bell family - I'm third from the left
The Bell Family - I'm third from the right

     My mom began making tortillas when I was just 11 years old, and everyone who enjoyed them at our house over the years wanted to know where to get a tortilla press like ours. My six siblings and I saw that healthy home cooking from scratch was no big deal, especially when you had good tools, like our trusty tortilla maker.

When I finished school and wanted to add an online company to my business pursuits, selling tortilla makers seemed like a natural fit - something we used and loved and could stand behind.

Unfortunately, our original Villaware tortilla maker had been discontinued and there were none to be found anywhere online. When the Electric Tortilla Maker -similar to the Villaware model- was introduced, we made suggestions to the suppliers about features and instructions, based on my family’s years of experience.
After getting a redesigned Electric Tortilla Maker and putting it to use in our own home, we are pleased to make this new improved model available.
We make a big batch of tortillas from fresh ground whole wheat flour twice a week and visitors still ask, “Where can I get one of those presses?“ Now, I am proud to answer, “They are available at my website www.tortillapressstore.com”.
          In addition to an excellent product, we hope you enjoy our tortilla recipes and suggestions for healthy nutritious meals using tasty homemade tortillas.
~ Ian Bell ~
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